Daria & Moe

Through adversity and heartache, Moe and I came together – his, a life-time of homelessness, scrounge and brawling; mine, general misadventures which have made a collection of life-experiences – many that have possibly not been the best choices; but here we are regardless.

The alter-ego of the author, Moe’s woes will retell the true journeys that have made crashing impacts on both their lives, all born from the litter of hard knocks.

A word to those who generously take the time to read my blog, the posts are in reverse chronology – starting in December 2016, Moe’s woes should be finished by 1993. If we make it.

Blogging to build on creativity and meet like-minded people; avid Twitter user for the Chinese dating show “If You Are The One” and big fan of ***FASHION SHOES*** – follow me on Twitter @daria_kill

And one day, we may even get our book finished.